Boman, Nadeen - Nadeen Boman Fitness + Nutrition Coaching

Boman, Nadeen - Nadeen Boman Fitness + Nutrition Coaching

  • 408-256 East 2nd Avenue Vancouver BC V5T0A7

Nadeen Boman offers fitness classes that allow you to stay active, meet new healthy people, and have confidence that your time working out is being spent most effectively. Because you split the cost with between 2 and 7 other people, group fitness is an affordable and fun option!

Training sessions are geared to individuals within the group. Each session is a mix of resistance training (using body weight, dumbbells, cables, bands, etc.), cardio training (15 second to 3 minute segments with limited running), and flexibility training. We also utilize the outdoors during summer months.

Weight loss, increased energy levels, improved confidence and injury prevention are just a few of the immediate effects of training with Nadeen.

Nadeen also offers personal training, small group, and partner training. Most sessions take place at Groundwork Athletics located at #10-736 Granville St, Vancouver, BC. Groundwork is a personal training gym dedicated solely to trainers and their clients. It's a full service facility with showers, filtered water, towels, lockers, and much more!

Go to Nadeen's website for more information on her fitness and nutrition products.