Zakharia, Johnny - Kitsilano Trainers

Zakharia, Johnny - Kitsilano Trainers

  • 540 Helmcken Street Vancouver BC V6B 2E8

Kitsilano Trainers only offers professionally certified BCRPA trainers.

Experienced fitness professional and former professional athlete with a sound background in fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, overall health management and mental coaching. I am used to working with highly demanding clients and appreciate achieving challenging goals. I'm an enthusiast, with excellent interpersonal and leadership skills. I love taking on new sport challenges and proving the efficiency of my expertise, training approach and individually tailored, goal oriented training programs.

Experienced in working with VIP clients, professional athletes, top models and other clients with high level requirements, expectations and goals.

First 2 lessons always free. No contract or obligation.

We can talk at 604 200 7749